About Blueye Eyewear

Blueye Eyewear was formed in December 1995 when Dean Bennell (director and founder) came up with a new eyewear concept for jockeys in Horse Racing. Whilst working as a horse trainer in Sydney, Australia, Dean had the foresight to realise that the goggles jockeys were wearing had not changed in design or materials since the 1950’s.

Dean began designing goggles and the design process took eight months, during which time he approached his brother Marc, to see if he would be interested in becoming a partner in Blueye Eyewear.

The partnership was then formed and in December 1996, 12 months after conception, Blueye entered the marketplace. Initially, Blueye concentrated on marketing its product throughout the horse racing industry, but soon realised that the goggles also had potential in other sports. An extensive sunglass range was gradually created, building on the success of the goggles technology.

Along the way, Blueye has picked up awards such as Australian Design of the Year and Australia’s Powerhouse Museum Award for Science and Design.

Blueye Eyewear presently manufactures and distributes eyewear for Motorsports, Fishing, Surfing, Kite surfing, Jet skiing, Water skiing, Wake boarding, Sailing, Wingsuit flying, Skydiving, Hang gliding, Paragliding, Snow skiing, Snowboarding, Polo / Equine as well as the Street market. More and more Polarized styles are being added to the range too. Prescription / Rx / Bifocal options are also available.

We hope you enjoy wearing your Blueye sunglasses or goggles as much as we enjoy designing them.

Best Regards,
The Blueye Team.

Blueye Technology

Blueye Eyewear has designed our new range of Polarized sunglasses with the sporting and leisure enthusiasts at heart. Blueye again has designed sunglasses that not only look stylish and fashionable, but are there to be used by all active people.

Blueye Polarized lenses are made from Polycarbonate (PC). Polycarbonate material is the best impact-resistant lens material available to protect your eyes. Blueye PC Polarized Lenses are 1.8mm – 2.2mm thick. Depending on the frame style that you choose, the thicker the lens the better the impact-resistance. Blueye lenses are decentred. This means that the lens is thicker in the middle of the lens and gets gradually thinner towards the ends. This allows for true visual clarity with no distortion.

Injection Moulded PC Polarized Lenses:

Blueye PC Polarized Lenses are made by the injection molded process. This process involves inserting Polycarbonate Polarized Lens sheet and polycarbonate resin into a mould by heat solvent injection. The Polarizing films are covered and guarded by the PC Lens sheets and the function of polarization is kept unchanged even if the lens is inserted into a frame. Injection Molded PC Polarized Lenses are the only PC Polarized Lenses that can be decentred. Blueye does not use Sandwich Polarized PC Lenses.

Blueye Polarized Lens Colours

Smoke (Grey) Lenses are PC Polarized Lenses ideal for everyday wearing. They are the most popular general living colour lens that offers the wearer a true natural colour of the environment.
Smoke lenses reduce light intensity without altering the colour of objects. They work well for both Boaters and Fisherman. Smoke lenses enhance dark fish and are most suitable for deep water fishing.

Bronze (Brown) Lenses are PC Polarized Lenses that enhance visual contrast – especially effective for filtering scattered Blue Light found in hazy, foggy or low light conditions. They improve depth perception and provide a warm appearance to colours. Bronze lenses work well for skiing, boating, driving, fishing and general use. They will aid the snow boarder or snow skier in observing the changing contours and textures of the snow’s surface. Bronze lenses when fishing are most suitable when the bottom of the surface is grassy and weedy.

Blueye Sunglass Frames:

Blueye uses Grilamide TR90 frame materials.
Grilamide is a transparent Polyamide with fantastic qualities which are perfect for making sunglass frames that are tough, durable and stylish. Grilamide’s exceptional characteristics include high chemical and stress crack resistance combined with excellent transparency.

The main features of Grilamide TR are:

  • High Transparency
  • Good Chemical resistance
  • Low Density
  • Good Flexural bending strength
  • High heat distortion temperature